Bifrost Mako Rover (Alice)

A cut down, surplus M35 Mako Infantry Transport


Passengers: 8 (12 in a squeeze)
Handling: -15
Armor: 28/25 (Refractive glazing, radiation shielding)
Durability: 250
Wound Threshold: 50
Speed: 120kph roads/95 kph flat/40 kph rugged, Can jump 2m in lunar gravity using limited thrusters (10 times)

Equipment: Access Jacks, Desktop Cornucopia Machine, Grip Wheels, Weapon Mount (2) (turret, coaxial, only one used), Radar, Lidar, Fixers, 360’ Vision, Enhanced Vision, Radio Booster, Extra Limb (2 meters, can lift up to 250kg, retractable), 2 healing pods, 2 survival belts, Tools (Industrial, Electronic), 20 days emergency rations.

Plasma Cutter: (Gunnery or Programming at -20), AP-8, 2d10+8 damage, SA, 40 shots before recharge.

VI: REF 20. Skills: Hardware: Electronics  20, Infosec 20, Interests: [Bot/Vehicle] Specs 80, Interface 40, Research 20, Perception 40, Pilot: [groundcraft] 40, Academics: [Geology] 40


A surplus lunar combat drop vehicle, Alice was brought over when normal radiation shielding was insufficient for Bifrost’s radiation cascade. With its weapons removed and replaced by a Plasma Cutter, the beat up machine was adopted affectionately by the crew. It is quirky, if lovingly maintained. The VI is equally quirky.

Bifrost Mako Rover (Alice)

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